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punk songwriters!
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Punk Songwriting!

all you need to do is fill out the infocard below, [no, it is NOT an application; it's just to give us an idea of who you are.] and join, and you're all set! post any and all punk rock songs you write, for criticism, discussion, and feedback.

[semi]bi-weekly, i will have a themed contest! post your entry for it with "themed song" as the subject. include another picture of yourself. if you win, you will get your picture plus your song posted here on the infopage.

political party:
sexual preference:
favorite bands:
anything else:
post a 100x100 picture of yourself. i will make the infopage illustrated with everyone's pics.

1. DO. NOT. STEAL. that's really fucking rude of you to steal someone's art and work. if you do i will ban you/spam you/report you/do all sorts of lovely e-stuff.
2. you MUST fill out the infocard. you do NOT need to be "accepted"; this is not a rating community. but if you do not, you will be deleted as a member. it helps me to keep track of members and know what you're like.
3. if you join just to lurk and never post your info nor any songs, i will ban you faster than you can say "hot damn, i sure do suck."
4. no unnecessary bitchiness. if a song sucks, it sucks. but don't rant about how much the author sucks or whatever.
5. get what you give. if you get feedback &comments, leave an equal amount of them on other peoples' songs. if you start slacking off on that and never giving feedback, you'll be given the boot.
6. please refrain from using the words "gay", "fag", "retarded", etc. in a derogatory manner. if that sounds lame, well, fuck you. it's really offensive to me and other people to say shit like that.
7. pleeeeeease no whiny breakup songs. we don't care.

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